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Data Analysis Short Report: Public Opinion on Marijuana Legalization

For my first Data Analysis Short Report in SOCY 508 (Introduction to Social Statistics), I chose to investigate whether, based on the 2016 General Social Survey, there was a race or class-based difference in the respondents’ opinion of whether marijuana should be legalized in the United States. I chose these variables because they are likely to play an important role in my own research, and I wanted to gain an understanding of how they are measured and used.

Based on critical race and interest convergence theories, I hypothesized that Whites would support legalization at higher rates than Black respondents. I further hypothesized that, based on greater access to the capital, middle and upper class respondents would support legalization at higher rates than lower or working class respondents. In both cases, using a crosstab analysis, I failed to reject the null hypothesis, finding Whites and middle and upper class respondents did not support legislation at higher rates. While my results were not significant, this paper was a good introduction to the process of working with an existing data set, choosing variables, performing analysis, and writing up the results.

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